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Walk Again was created to give hope to those SCI patients who dream of walking again. Through intense exercise based therapy programs, a much improved quality of life can be achieved by encouragement, education, support and self belief.  If you believe you will walk again we want to support you and believe with you.

SCI Education & Support Videos

These exercises will help you decrease your muscles strain, aches and pains while increasing your flexibility and range of motion...all from your wheelchair.

Exercising - leg strengthening in a wheelchair. It is VERY important to work your legs. Once I had an ultrasound of my legs. The technician said, "If I did not see you and only had you scans I would not be able to tell you were paralyzed. Your muscles are in great shape! You MUST exercise...range of motion, etc. I have a MotoMed. I special bike made in Germany who had a paralyzed wife. basically it peddles my legs for me...or I can peddle as much as I can...same with arms.

SCI Inspiration Videos

I am in a wheelchair. In the morning my wife gets me out of bed...helps me dress and gets me in my chair. At the end of the day, the reverse happens. I battle with chronic pain in my back...DAILY! I roll down the street, in the grocery store, the pharmacy...I am very active in my community...and people stare at me. They feel sorry for me...always wanting to get the door for me...reach a box of cereal on the shelf.

I just want them to leave me along. I can no longer play with my kids the way I used too. I still make love to my wife...but it is just not the same.

You see you and I my friend we are no different. My goal is to help you get motivated if you are not motivated....inspire you if you are not inspired...get you to exercise if you are not exercising...pray if you are not if you are not loving...stand if you are you are not smiling

I do not and will not feel sorry for you or feel pity for you. If I seem harsh in my words, it is because I love you and I know you can do better.

"You can sit and cry or stand in victory" Either way is your CHOICE. If my words offend you then good, maybe you will do something about it. I know your life changed...I KNOW IT DID. And if you want to cry and I sometimes do...then cry...then wife your face pull up your panties and get to work!

God Bless you, Kevin

"I'm so very thankful for the opportunities that have been placed in front of me to help others that are less fortunate yet are in the same boat as myself." Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Go help someone.

Wounded Warriors Tribute

Down but not out.

Stop dreaming about Walking Again...and work your butt off! You can sit there and cry about your circumstances or you can get out of bed in the morning and go to physical therapy. You can pray to Jesus for answers and that you walk again. Your choice: sit there or do something about it! You see this is what I loved most about Christopher Reeve...he NEVER QUIT! After 6 years he moved a finger...then his arms...then he sat up...and many beleive if he would not have died of an infection he would be walking today. Sit and cry or stand in victory!!!

Walk Again Walk Again Walk Again

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Creation Minute w/Eric Hovind

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Latest News

7/28/2009 Blue food dye...

used in M&M's may cure Spinal Cord Injuries.

3/18/2009 Walk Again Announces...

our new Fundraiser Coordinator Manager.  Click here to learn more.

3/7/2009 Walk Again Announces...

our new Donations Manager.  Click here to learn more.

12/16/2008  Nasal Stem Cells may Help

 Paralyzed to walk again.

Research from the University of New South Wales in Australia indicated that stem cells from the nose may help spinal injury victims walk again, London’s Daily Mail reported.

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